Property Research

Here are a few steps you can take to find the history of the property you are researching. I will set them (along with the web sites containing the information) in numerical order.

1. Complete address of the property along with zip code. This information can yield the following facts: age of home, contents of construction materials, possible record of violence at said property, and latitude/longitude. Complete address of the property along with zip code. Go to the county in which each property exists, enter the address and you will find the following information. Age of home, construction materials, type of home (i.e. bi- level, town etc)

2. Using the same address information you can go the following web site and find the latitude and longitude of said property. With this information you can travel back in time to see what was located on the land. (Also note that many roads with the same names existed in the area back as far as the mid 1800’s) lats and longs never change. Most old maps have these points. To find ancient map sites just Google ancient or old maps.

3. Crime history (normally this is available only with a signed form by the homeowner tothe police dept) These sites are now available to help us learn the crime back ground of our property.

This is part of what it takes to do research on a property. An additional source of information is to go the local historical society and ask questions. Most of the time they are very friendly and helpful, if you are friendly and courteous. It may take more than on trip to talk to people in order to obtain what you are after. Time and patience is the watch word here. It took me over 8 mths to get a hold of the documents I was after. The basic research doesn’t take that long this was used to illustrate what manners can get you.

Cherie (AKA Cresearcher)

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