"We specialize in Home and Business Investigations."

PLEASE NOTE. All of our members undergo criminal background checks prior to becoming a member of our group. We do this to ensure everyones safety.

Windy City Paranormal is a research and investigative surveillance team based in Cook County Illinois. We not only serve the City of Chicago, but the greater Chicagoland area. That means not only Chicago paranormal investigations but we also conduct ghost hunting in the surrounding areas of Lake County, Kane County, DuPage County, McHenry County, and Will County. Our purpose is to help people in need. We use scientific, investigative, and research methods to find answers for or evidence of any alleged cases of paranormal or unexplained activity.

Whether you call it ghost busting, ghost hunting, ghost investigation, or paranormal investigation; please think of Windy City Paranormal if you or anyone you know is looking for assistance with paranormal activity, WCP will be happy to assist. We can help explain the activity whether it is from natural causes or it is truly paranormal. We can help put your mind at ease over the situation and work with you to accomplish this.

WCP specialzes in Home and Business Investigations.

Windy City Paranormal conducts paranormal investigations only.

We monitor the natural environment of the location only.

WCP conducts VERY discreet investigations with the utmost respect for our clients.

We understand your right to privacy and we protect your privacy.

If you think you have a ghost in your home. Please click on the help button at the top of the page.

ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE FREE! We NEVER charge for an investigation!

Respect the client, respect your team, and respect the field of paranormal research.

What does this mean? We respect the client's wishes for anonymity and to do thorough and discreet investigations. Respecting your team means we will help each other learn and be supportive to each other. And to respect the field of paranormal research means taking information from the legitimate investigators that have gone before us in this field. To take their knowledge and theories, to expand upon those works and use them to help us investigate and categorize the paranormal better.

Windy City Paranormal will approach every case with total respect and without any agenda. We investigate with and open mind not seeking to prove nor disprove any alleged paranormal experiences.

Windy City Paranormal uses practical logic to find natural reasons for any phenomenon; from there we work with surveillance technology to find any evidence of the paranormal. The confidentiality, the respect, and the welfare of our clients is very important. At no time will the identity of the client or their family and friends or any facts about the case be revealed without written consent from the client.

Windy City Paranormal will always give an honest account of the events, and document any evidence found, and in the process, assist our clients who may not understand the events they may be experiencing.

Windy City Paranormal promises to approach every client and location with respect. All members are subject to background checks and sign code of conduct as well as liability release forms, so that in the very unlikely event of an accident on a location, the client is not at fault.

Windy City Paranormal is an organization of investigators and researchers only; therefore, we do not claim to be able to remove any paranormal activity found in a location. We can however help explain any activity, real or naturally caused and help put your mind at ease. If you wish to have your home or business religiously blessed we can provide details to contact such individuals whom we have worked with in the past.

If you are in need of help and would like us to schedule an interview with you, please click on the help button at the top of the page..



Vinny Morgan / Founder - Lead Investigator

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