Here is what to expect prior and during the investigation process:


PRE-INTERVIEW FORMS: There will be forms to fill out prior to an investigation. The forms will include activity and time line form, and a liability form.

INTERVIEW: Two team members will visit the client at their place of activity for an in person interview. All interviews will be recorded for further review. A time will be set up for the actual investigation.

SETUP: We do an inventory checklist of all equipment. We will test all equipment that runs on batteries to see if they work properly. Since we never want to leave equipment behind, the tech specialist will have a checklist of who has what devices before an investigation begins, and do a check after it is over, once again to make sure nothing is left behind. The occupant/owner will walk us through, noting hot spots. At least one tech dept member will be present for the walk through. We position stationary cameras in key locations throughout the area. One tech dept member will be positioning the cameras while another monitors angles and radios any adjustments. All other members will either tape down wires or take EMF readings. (Depending on the size of the team) All members will carry reliable flashlights and small backups not to mention batteries for both.

SEARCH STRATEGIES: After setting up the equipment and before lights out, we will go through room by room in 2 man teams. Keep one voice recorder on as you enter and do a base reading with EMFs. Record the time, location (room) and members in the recorders verbally as well as write down any base readings or spikes. Each team will cover all rooms. Anything that gives a spike will be checked to see if it's an electronic device. If so we will see if that device can be unplugged. We will ask the owner if we can unplug it to take another base reading. If any high spikes from an electronic devise or location are found we will tag it with a post-it-note with the reading we get from the EMF meters. If a high base reading appears on a hard-wired object tag it with a post-it-note also make a note of it on the recorder. After all base readings are taken; both teams will compare notes before lights out.

LIGHTS OUT: 2 man teams One person will handle the voice recorder and/or EMF. The other will handle the camera or camcorder if available. Each team will have a walkie-talkie. Last but not least WE NEVER GO ANYWHERE ALONE! Just to corroborate any evidence.

POST-INVESTIGATION: We will review all the evidence and keep in touch. Exceptions would be if we discovered toxic chemicals or extremely high EMF's. Basically anything above 100 mili gauss, mold or insect infestations, anything like that, the client needs to know for their health. We try to take care of evidence within 3 days 7 at the most. We will call the client or email every 2 days until all evidence is reviewed. This part of the process can become overwhelming to some clients; that is why a keep in touch policy is put in place where they are welcome to call us for questions they may have and try to give us at least 2 days to respond to client's calls. I know "we" would get highly anxious if the roles were reversed and we received no calls for a week. So WCP will keep in contact with the client.

FOLLOW UP/ EVIDENCE REVIEW WITH THE CLIENT: After evidence is reviewed, we set up a time for at least 2 WCP team members to show any evidence caught to the client. We will also keep in touch with the client via e-mail or phone at least once a month for the next 6 months, with the need for possible follow up investigation(s).

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