Tips for using a Flashlight

by Melissa A. Tanner, TnT Paranormal

The use of a flashlight is important for all paranormal investigations. The reasons for this are

many, but the primary reason is safety. As important is the flashlight is to investigating there are

some key factors you should consider:

1) Have one at all times. A flashlight is one of the key tools you need on you at all times.

2) Keep an extra. It is important to either have a spare flashlight and / or replacement

batteries for your primary in case you need it.

3) Keep the usage to a minimum. Your eyes will adjust to the dark and you’ll be able to

observe more activity with the naked eye.

4) Using a red filter or lens. There are several flashlights now that come with a red filter or

lens or you can make one fairly easily by putting red tail light tape over the clear lens.

The use of the red lens will cut down on the interference with evidence collection, as well

as eye adjustment.

5) Deciding what size. The size of the flashlight is not nearly as important as the light

output, batteries used, and power management. You want to try and find the smallest

possible flashlight (since you have to carry it around) that has the best light output and

use of battery power. Also the type of battery it uses will be key so that you don’t have to

carry several types around with you.

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