All client evidence is kept confidential. WCP will only release evidence if a client signs the confidentiality agreement giving WCP the right to talk about or show any evidence found at that particular location.

Some of our evidence was obtained during Pay-to-Play investigations; like Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, KY. Pay-to Play investigations are open to anyone and therefore needs no agreement to present any evidence found.

In this section you will hear some EVPs. EVPs are sounds imprinted on audio recording devices that are not heard by the human ear. EVPs are the most common type of evidence a paranormal investigator collects. Also you will here some disembodied voices and some audible sounds.



Melrose Park, IL

The camera follows Julie as she walks by.


You can here an audable growl right after Cherie talks.

You can hear a voice talk over mine in a creepy growl saying an expletive.

Wavery Hills Sanatorium


In this one a friend of Melissa had one of our recorders as they entered the surgery room. Where the investigators here a buzzing. There was no electricity running to that room.

Before joining our team Greg and his daughter went to Bachelors Grove cemetery and caught this.


This is a true class A EVP the investigators never heard the almost cartoonish voice.

What Julie was talking about in the previous EVP was the sound of a cardboard box being dragged across the floor and one team was on the floor above. 3 different teams heard this and though it was coming from another floor. We caught audio of it on 2 different recorders but since the audio is over 3 min long we will only play one of them for you.

In this file you can hear Julie's team Melissa team and a team from CIP Central Indiana Paranormal.

In this file you can hear Melissa, Laura, and Annette talking about killing a spider; there are no men present when you hear a man cough then a child like voice can be heard and then same man's cough again.

Wavery Hills Sanatorium

This video was taken at Waverly Hills by former member of WCP Melissa Tanner Co-founder of TnT Paranormal.

Thanks Melissa!


On a join investigation in Indy with CIP we both caught the same voice but there recorder was closer to the sound and this is the EVP.

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