Equipment and what we use it for:

While Investigating, WCP uses various electronic meters, computers, audio and visual instruments. Each Item has it's own unique use for the paranormal as well as everyday use. You will find that you may own some of what we utilize as well. Paranormal research is by no means an exact science. We have obtained items that we feel best help us to help you. By allowing WCP to investigate your residence or business, you are allowing us to further that research and test new equipment. Below you can find a few of the items you can expect to see us use on an investigation and what we use them for.


DVR Camera System:

A DVR systems use for the most part is self-explanatory. We use this equipment to set up a range of Infrared cameras throughout a location in the hopes of physically catching any paranormal activity on video. We hardwire our IR security cameras to the system which gives us a range of 300 feet for each camera. We have found this is by far more than enough cable for any single residence.


Digital Camcorders:

Along with a DVR system of cameras, we use handheld camcorders to go mobile with our research. The uses of these are invaluable as it gives our investigators a first person point of view of what they are investigating during an evidence review. Most of our members own their camcorders and you can expect to see a few on the investigation. With Night shot (IR) capabilities the camcorders use is imperative to most of the research.

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Digital Audio Recorders:

To capture audio evidence such as EVPs, disembodied voices or any other paranormal sounds, we utilize a wide range of digital audio recorders. We will place these all over a location along with our investigators carrying them. Their use is also invaluable as the majority of evidence that is caught comes in the form of audio. With special audio editing programs we are able to catch, clean up and playback our evidence for clients to hear. Without this technology half the evidence you may have heard of or seen could not be captured.


EMF Meters:

"Electro Magnetic Field Meters", the use of this device has been debated all across the paranormal community. Some researchers don't use them and some do. We bring them to every investigation because they can help us explain away many different claims of paranormal activity. What some people don't understand is that these electronic fields can cause the feelings of nauseousness, dizziness, the feeling of dread, the feeling of someone watching you and even minor or major skin irritations. Everyone reacts differently to the output of this energy field so not everyone is going to feel the same thing. Some people may not feel anything at all. This energy field can come from many appliances in your home. With the meters we can help detect any abnormalities that you may want to have checked out for the safety of everyone in the residence. A good meter will cost you over a hundred dollars to purchase and even more for a tech to tell you what the readings mean.



You may be asking yourself "why on earth are they going to bring a thermometer to my investigation?” Simply put, it is theory that "spirits" can fluctuate temperature readings in an area. We use digital handheld thermometer devices to measure the temperature of a location and monitor any changes or fluctuations that may occur. Does it mean that a 5-degree drop in temperature shows the sign that a ghost is in my house? Not at all, we may have been measuring your air conditioner kicking on. We use our common sense skills to know when a fluctuation can determine the presence of a spirit if at all.

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