Our group members take it upon themselves to write our articles. WCP is passionate about helping not only people with their paranormal problems but also helping paranormal groups get started. This section contains our articles on how to do that. From finding out how to obtain equipment, money saving tips and even how to network with other groups. Please spread the word about our article section and check back frequently!


One team liked our articles so much they email us and said this.

From: A.P.A.R.T of Washington,

Hey, ironic you messaged me. I was reading your article on your website. FANTASTIC FRIGGEN JOB!! The dangers one. These are things we cover in our presentations, good job for putting it out there. I wanted to let you know I put it up on an orb I had started for new teams and clients: A BIG thanks to A.P.A.R.T of Washington! from all of us at Windy City Paranormal.

Advice on how to Get Started

3-27-2009 Conducting Property Research - Cherie

5-27-2009 Just the basics - Melissa

5-27-2009 Flashlights - Melissa

Finding Equipment and Money Saving Tips

update 8-24-2010 Where Do I find Equipment? - Vinny

8-18-2009 Marketing and Management - Theresa and Vinny

TERMS Commonly used Terms of the Paranormal investigation field

PDF files

4-14-2009 FLIR themography Vollmer FINAL PDF File - M. Vollmer, S. Henke, D. KarstŠdt, K.-P. Mšllmann, and F. Pinno University of Applied Sciences, Brandenburg

3-27-2009 Dangers Of Ghost Hunting PDF File - Vinny

4-6-09 EMF Haunting Blog PDF File - Haunting Blog 1-6

Web Advice

3-31-2009 Finding the right web hosting service - Aaron

3-27-2009 Everything you would want to know about a website - Aaron

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